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Chinas CCP continues to persecute Chinese believers
China's CCP continues to persecute Chinese believers of Christ

    The CCP reprinted a new version of the Bible in China that re-imagined the story of Jesus Christ to suit the CCP narrative. CCP claims that Christ admitted sinfulness and that he stoned the adulterous woman to death.

    All preachings are monitored and filtered to be CCP-approved content and must be registered through CCP censorship. All Christian posters in Chinese homes are also being confiscated and replaced with the picture of CCP Chairman Xi Jinping.

    This April 2020, CCP also arrested church members who conducted a virtual church service through Zoom for supposedly participating in illegal business practices. In related news, the Pastor connected to the church was sentenced to 9 years of jail time in 2018 for supposed subversion of state power by starting an underground church.

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China's CCP continues to persecute Chinese believers
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